Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS (and CentOS 7) booting into black console

BlackScreenOnUbuntu14.04Yesterday I installed Ubuntu Server 14.04 on my machine (D2500 board with integrated graphics): after finishing install and rebooting the monitor does not get a signal and goes into standby right after boot process end.
Oss.: BIOS was displayed normally !

1) Monitor in Standby
2) SSH available
3) System booted “correctly” (except graphics)

I get this error in /var/log/syslog

[drm:cdv_intel_dp_i2c_aux_ch] *ERROR* too many retries, giving up

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How to rename a Domain Controller in Windows 2008

In some cases in the real sysadmin world you have to rename an AD Server Hostname. In this post I’ll show all steps involved in this process.

Att.: Domain Controllers configured as a Certificate Authority (CA) cannot be renamed.

Check Active Directory domain and forest functional levels
The domain and forest functional levels must be at least Windows 2003 to change the domanin controller name.
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Why do Windows 2003 servers hangs ? Simple: Taplika !!!

Taplika Browser HijackerSome days ago I’ve installed a new software in a old Windows 2003 SBS, and after that I’ve found that I’ve installed Taplika too.
After that I’ve uninstalled correctly the related software but at the next logon…. windows server hangs at logon process…….. and I cannot get my desktop……
I found that it happens because of Taplika.com Browser Hijacker that left some goodies.
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