About Me

Giampaolo TUCCIHi, my name is Giampaolo TUCCI, and I live and work in Genoa, Italy.

I’ve been working in the computer business for a long time: and it’s really strange to think that it was true coincidence that I got involved with computers and networks!

Infact years ago when I enrolled in college my university choice was mathematics: I was fond of numbers, which seemed to me like they did not have many secrets. Instead, for those strange cases of life to which it’s hard to give an explanation, I changed to the Computer Engineering University. Here I was overwhelmed by this world, fascinating and certainly much less pragmatic than mathematics.

What fascinated me the most immediately was the “alternative” side of the subject: infact in a world dominated by Microsoft to know that you can set up something without using the mouse and anyway in different way has always fascinated me. This is the reason why I started to deal with Linux, and all this “alternative world”.

Later I fell in love with dev-world: Xamarin Forms, .Net Core and other similar stuff….

Now i am madly in love with Blazor: do you know ??

For contact: g.tucciNOSPAM@informaticapressapochista.com

My Company’s WebSites: www.trilogik.it