Add T.38 Fax capabilities in Asterisk 13 and Freebx 12

faxunoworkFax in Voip Env….. Joy and pain….

In this post I’ll show how to configure Asterisk 13/FreePbx 12 to use T.38 Fax capabilities to receive fax using SpanDSP (FFA not work in Asterisk 13….).

IMHO when possible is better configure Asterisk Fax system to use T.38 when possible instead alaw or other codec.

To transmit fax you can see my post.
Asterisk Mail2Fax using FFA in poor man style ! (linkografia)

To install and configure SpanDSP you can read my post
Add Fax capabilities in Asterisk >=13 (linkografia) Continue reading

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Asterisk/FreePbx vers. 12: How to disable message “Please leave your message after the tone”

FreePbx12-DisabileLeaveYourMessageOn Asterisk/FreePbx vers. 12 you can disable message “Please leave your message after the tone when done hang up or press the pound key”

Using web interface: Settings -> Voicemail Admin -> DialPlan Behaviour -> Disable Standard Prompt: On

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WordPress: New extra menu items after upgrade to 4.5

wordpress-newitemsReally strange issue: after I’ve updated this blog to vers. 4.5, on a closer inspection about all the design, I’ve found that in the primary menu navigation I have gained some extra menu items.

#0 (no title)
#0 (no title) Continue reading

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Fax & Voip – Part 2/3

fax-machineCodec Translation
I have already mentioned before. In the path caller->called codecs can change several times, and every transformation can introduce distortion and delay.

To minimize fax issues all the legs involved must be using the same codec to avoid codec translation. It is really important the kind of codec: you must use in all the path alaw or ulaw ! Continue reading

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