On Asterisk/FreePbx vers. 12 how to disable message “Please leave your message after the tone”

FreePbx12-DisabileLeaveYourMessageOn Asterisk/FreePbx vers. 12 you can disable message “Please leave your message after the tone when done hang up or press the pound key”

Using web interface: Settings -> Voicemail Admin -> DialPlan Behaviour -> Disable Standard Prompt: On

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WordPress: New extra menu items after upgrade to 4.5

wordpress-newitemsReally strange issue: after I’ve updated this blog to vers. 4.5, on a closer inspection about all the design, I’ve found that in the primary menu navigation I have gained some extra menu items.

#0 (no title)
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Fax & Voip – Part 2/3

fax-machineCodec Translation
I have already mentioned before. In the path caller->called codecs can change several times, and every transformation can introduce distortion and delay.

To minimize fax issues all the legs involved must be using the same codec to avoid codec translation. It is really important the kind of codec: you must use in all the path alaw or ulaw ! Continue reading

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Fax & Voip – Part 1/3

faxmachinemurderCertainly there are huge benefits to VoIP, and certainly there will be many people who will be wise to use Voip PBX trunk instead of traditional phone lines.

But using Voip PBX you may start to notice that faxing just doesn’t seem to work as well as you remember it working on the old phone line.

Definitely: faxes work so well in the VoIP PBX/line as the old analogue line/Analog Pbx ?
The answer is: usually no ! Faxes in Voip env do not work as well as you in “old” phone line. FAX was designed for analog networks, and can not travel easly over a digital VoIP network.

The reasons are many: starting from the codec used by VoIP that are designed to compress voice and save bandwidth, and that corrupts the signals used by modems/fax, until the fact that the signal is transformed several times in the path caller-called, and Pbx Voip add more transformation point making more difficult transmit/receive fax.

Remember: it is very important understand that each transformation step introduces some distortion to the signal, imperceptible to the voice but not for the fax: and for faxes it is very important the signal quality !

In this series I’ll try to suggest some tips to increase the fax quality in Voip env.
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