How to Fix error “The data present in the reparse point buffer is invalid”

This error is related to M$ One Drive !

In order to fix this error you need to open a console like administrator and type the next command.

chkdsk /f /r

Oss.: You need to launch this command on the drive where one drive store the folder: you can check this path using One Drive -> Help & Settings -> Settings -> Account -> Choose Folder.

After that confirm & reboot the PC…. and arm yourself with patience

Docker on Windows 2016

Docker is a tool that allows to deploy applications software in a “sandbox” (called container) to run on the host operating system (in this case Windows 2016, but also Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise, several Linux versions and MacOsx).

Nowaday the industry standard today is to use virtual machines to run software applications that provide full process isolation.

Att.: Process isolation means that a problem in the host operating system hardly can affect the software running in the guest operating system, and vice-versa.

This isolation, however, comes at great cost because of the computational overhead spent virtualizing hardware for a guest OS.

Containers take a different approach that provide almost the same level of the isolation of virtual machines, but at a fraction of the computing power and using more efficiently the underlying system and resources. Continue reading