Why this blog ?

Pressapochista terms does not exist in english: in italian is something like roughly,  more or less, laziness, carelessness.

In this blog I will try to overcome an unfairness that I’ve been taking advantage of for many years: that is, to give back something of what has been given to me by many computer fans through the Internet (that is a lot: a job to start with …).

Infact I could have done nothing without having read the thousands of articles and how-to around the web and that people simply animated by enthusiasm have written and made freely available to anyone.

For this reason I decided to write in this blog about something I know: information technology and telephone systems used in the small to medium sized companies (including even some programming in different languages).

This is my area, and this is where I think I have got something to say !

I’ll say it from the start: in my daily work I am not a big Linux fan, in the same way that I’m not one of Microsoft systems, and for this reason, the articles will reflect this approach. In my job I generally use the latter ones, and I almost always try to suggest the first ones. There’s no point in making a lot of philosophy: in the corporate world the common computer language is Microsoft’s, for a variety of reasons that there’s no point in making a comment about and that anyway most of you will probably know better than me (reasons that don’t include the supposed better performance)! But when it’s possible I do use Linux, primarily as a supplement/support to the information system, making the most of the lower cost, the greater possibility of customization, and last but not least, the better performance !

Outside the office things are very different. I use only Linux, because I love it !

Another important assumption: my articles will be full of blunders and of gross mistakes (hence the name of the blog). These are work notes, and they have to be taken for what they are ! If you don’t understand something you should let me know: I’ll try to fix it. Please consider that my daily work attempts to range from server maintenance to Nortel/Avaya IP Voip PBX ! As you can imagine the field is too broad to really have a truly in-depth competence in something: actually we can talk about pressapochistica knowledge for many subjects.

In addition, to further justify the title of the blog, I must point out that many excellent computer experts use the famous analytical method known as “test here-move there- let’s see the effect that it has”: some peddle the method as “empirical evidence”, but they are always pressapochistici attempts to find the solution. So the already mentioned title should not offend: it’s just a way to pay tribute to a method of analysis usually applied in the world of computers. The fact is that the above-mentioned analytical method almost always works, and hardly never we get to know why.

Last, but not least: I will try to write some posts in English, but here my knowledge is very poor. I apologize for the mistakes that you will…. but another purpose of the blog is to increase knowledge of the English language !