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Asterisk & FreePbx – Voicemail toggle

IMHO many users don’t want the voicemail funct, but they want be able to access to the user portal (ARI) to see the CDR call list and the other stuff or, more easily, they want to activate-deactivate individually voicemail funct … Continue reading

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Patton SmartNode SN4332/JS and Asterisk 11

Patton SmartNode SN4332/JS Multi-Port FXS Analog VoIP Gateway provides 32 analog FXS interfaces to connect analog phones, fax to your PBX SIP-based communications. Here the config to connect to Asterisk 11.

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Integrating Fax for Asterisk in Asterisk 11

As much as we may hate it, there are still some transactions that require fax. Fax┬áis an old archaic dinosaur technology but… the reality is that fax usage is everywhere… and probably will be for quite some time for no … Continue reading

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Configuring Asterisk for Skype Connect

This post is intended to provide some basic guidance in configuring Skype Connect SIP Channels with Asterisk/Freepbx using SIP Trunk.

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