How to configure a Nortel/Avaya 4550T-PWR switch – Part 2/2

NewtworkSchemaIn this part I’ll show the configuration steps to obtain the situation in this network schema. This is a really simple and real situation: a simple network using two separated VLAN one for Data and the other for Voip.

Att.: In this example for to keep everything simple, clear and practical we’ll use Asterisk PBX and Snom IP Phone, but the same considerations apply to other brands.

Att.: Generally it’s important that we separate the voip traffic from the data traffic so we’ll utilize two different VLANs: one VLAN will carry the data traffic destined to the desktop and server and the other will carry only the Voip/voice traffic. Continue reading

Windows 2003: Lost network connectivity

Windows95WowYesterday I was working on an old windows 2003 server. I know: Windows 2003 is beyond End-Of-Life and it is dangerous to use it in production environment, but here in genoa we are famous for not wasting anything, and also the server is used in a “sandbox” and run an old legacy software not available for later windows versions.

When I was copying some files server has stopped all connectivity.
– Attempting to ping any ip on the dedicated LAN returns “destination host unavailable”.
– The NIC & Driver looks fine in device manager
– Ethernet connection in Network Properties shows status as Connected
– Link light and activity light are active on NIC
– Using arp -a I can see that the ip-MAC address association works ! Continue reading