How to configure Thunderbird to read and send email using Exchange 2003

Yes, I know…… write about Exchange 2003 now is very vintage….. but this is a problem I had to solve in these last days: configure Exchange 2003 & Mozilla Thunderbird in order to convince them to talk to each other. It isn’t very difficult: in the next all the images/notes.


To start you have to verify the SMTP Virtual Server in Exchange configuration.





Exchange 2003 - email address

Please note the following hints.

Username: newsletter
Domain Name
: domain.local

In the next the Thunderbird configuration.

Att.: Here you must use:
Mail address:
UserName (POP3 & SMTP): newsletter@domain.local
Password: <the user’s domain password>

Thunderbird - Pop3 Configuration

Thunderbird - Pop3 Config

Thunderbird - SMTP Config

Att.: in my particular situation the SMTP port is 35/TCP: normally is 25/TCP. To enhance the security is my habit change all the well-know ports !