Removing duplicate messages in Evolution 3.2.0

This morning I have re-installed Ubuntu in my laptop (Ubuntu 11.10): when I have installed the last version of evolution, version 3.2.0, in the restore process of all my mail saved from my old Ubuntu installation I have found a lot of duplicate messages. I do not know why, and I didn’t have time to investigated.
How it is possible remove these messages ?
Att.: Evolution 3.2.0 have changed the format of email-store: from Mbox (only 1 file for all the email) to Maildir (1 file for every email).
From this change the idea: using a tool that remove duplicate files in the path where all mails are saved (in my case ~/.local/share/evolution/mail/local/cur).
I turned off evolution, and I used the tool fdupes

fdupes -d -N ~/.local/share/evolution/mail/local/cur

After the restart evolution used 5 minutes for check the integrity of InBox folder, but at the end all the duplicate emails have disappeared !
Update: Now I have found in Evolution 3.2.0 a new feature: “Remove Duplicate Messages”. Edit -> Select All Messages -> Message -> Remove Duplicate Messages