Why do Windows 2003 servers hangs ? Simple: Taplika !!!

Taplika Browser HijackerSome days ago I’ve installed a new software in a old Windows 2003 SBS, and after that I’ve found that I’ve installed Taplika too.
After that I’ve uninstalled correctly the related software but at the next logon…. windows server hangs at logon process…….. and I cannot get my desktop……
I found that it happens because of Taplika.com Browser Hijacker that left some goodies.
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How to install Nagios 4 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

NagiosNagios is an open source software that can be used for infrastructure monitoring: Nagios will monitor servers, switches, applications and services and it alerts (via email or other stuff) the system admin when something goes wrong.
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Asterisk Mail2Fax using FFA in poor man style !

FUNNY_TOILETS_LONMED_2549_03The serious name is email to fax gateway, but we prefer to call it “email2fax in poor man style”.
We have an asterisk pbx with Fax for Asterisk module from Digium installed correctly, and we want to implement in a very simple and fast way an email2fax procedure.
We can use the very simple script below, that we can run automatically every 10 min using cron. Continue reading

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Install & configure Burp backup solution on Debian 7

Burping babyI love Bacula, really, a lot !
In my company we use it to backup all the server (Linux & Windows) inside the LAN !
However, it has a big drawback: when the client-server connection drops backup process starts over again.
For this reason it is almost impossible to use Bacula in backup process via WAN and with large amount of files.

Att.: The Bacula commercial version, however, has the ability to continue interrupted backups, and other very interesting stuff.

For this reason we started a long time to use for backup via WAN Burp, an open source backup solution that has the ability to continue interrupted backups. Continue reading

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