How to install Docmgr 2.13 in CentOs 7

DocMgr - Rev 2.13DocMgr is a document management system (DMS), written in PHP/Postgresql: I use it a lot, because it is really simple to use and easy to configure.

I’ll start from a fresh new installation CentOs 7 Minimall Install.

– Update Centos and other stuff to begin……

yum update
yum install nano

I prefer to disable SELinux because DocMGR it is not not comfortable with it.
In /etc/selinux/config change SELINUX=enforcing to SELINUX=disabled and reboot

Reboot the server

init 6

At the reboot check status.


The response must be like that.

SELinux status: disabled

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Debian: How to access VNC remote desktop in web browser

1) Install vncserver

apt-get install vnc4server

2) Set password using vncpasswd
3) Launch vncserver

vncserver :1

3) Install Git

apt-get install git

4) Get noVNC

git clone git://

5) Launch noVNC

cd noVNC
./utils/ --vnc <ipaddress>:<VNC port>

In my case

./utils/ --vnc

6) At this point, you can open up a web browser, and navigate to the URL shown in the output of the last command (e.g.,

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Login failure on RDS server on Windows 2012

ADC: Windows 2003
RDS Server: Windows 2012 R2

Today no Remote desktop users can login. Console sessions are working fine though, licensing is okay, no errors.
But users trying to login are logged in the security log such:
Eventid: 4625 – An account failed to log on. Continue reading

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Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS (and CentOS 7) booting into black console

BlackScreenOnUbuntu14.04Yesterday I installed Ubuntu Server 14.04 on my machine (D2500 board with integrated graphics): after finishing install and rebooting the monitor does not get a signal and goes into standby right after boot process end.
Oss.: BIOS was displayed normally !

1) Monitor in Standby
2) SSH available
3) System booted “correctly” (except graphics)

I get this error in /var/log/syslog

[drm:cdv_intel_dp_i2c_aux_ch] *ERROR* too many retries, giving up

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