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Check if Cpu is 64 bit or 32 bit in Linux

To not forget anymore…. All the new CPU support the 64 bit architecture. But If I have an almost-old CPU ? How can I check ? …using the command lscpu.

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How to remove trojan Live Security Platinum

In the next the procedure on how to remove the trojan Live Security Platinum.

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Change and Move Local User Profiles in Windows

The profile is the location where all data about a user are stored, including the user’s environment and preference settings. For example when you install a software (i.e. Outlook) the configuration and data about this user (account, database of all … Continue reading

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Connect Php code in Linux to Ms Sql Server using Freetds

Using Freetds we can connect php code in Linux to Microsoft Sql Server. We start from a fresh installation of Ubuntu 11.04. To check that php5 works fine Now if all works fine you can continue.

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